Byte Tyte Chainsaw Scabbards

This unique scabbard is universally designed to securely mount your chainsaw to any type of vehicle such as ATV, UTV, Dirt Bike, Tractor, Jeep or Utility Truck. The scabbard is also very safe because it covers your entire chain saw bar with no sharp edges exposed and can lock in your saw with a simple hardware style padlock; no chains or cable needed. Solid brass Master Lock included with purchase of a scabbard.

"I have been looking for a saw scabbard that works well on a motorcycle for a long time and I may have found it in your design. I work for the Forest Service and use a motorcycle with a saw on it daily and so far this has worked out. I would like to get a few more to put on the rest of our bikes."

Zachary M. Poff

The unit is extremely lightweight and durable. It is constructed from a custom made aluminum extrusion and has a CNC machined locking mechanism that is very user-friendly. The entire chain saw bar simply slides into the scabbard and gets pinched between two pieces of aluminum by the locking mechanism and is secured in a way that will not damage the bar or dull the chain.

There is no one particular way to install the scabbard due to the many different styles of racks and machines. We offer a universal mounting bracket that you can simply bolt to a flat surface with no additional brackets; such as the top of an ATV rack, side of a Jeep bed or to a tailgate.

Scabbards are available in 20", 24" and 30" lengths. Any length bar will fit in any length scabbard. It is possible for the bar to extend beyond the end of the scabbard. Please determine the best length for your application based on the mounting location.

  • All scabbards include a solid brass Master Lock with key
  • Sizes are based on scabbard length
  • Any length bar will fit in any length scabbard
  • Creative mounting will be needed to install
  • Does not include any additional mounting hardware
  • Optional mounting bracket is universal